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Bill Allred's Classic Jazz Band Fan Club
How It All Began

Here, in her own words, fan club co-founder Lois Harvey describes how the organization evolved:

In the early 1990s, two very unlikely "groupies" (Dean and I) got hooked on the relatively new Bill Allred¹s Classic Jazz Band from Orlando, Florida, and began going to hear them as often as we could. Before long, the band members started jokingly referring to us as their "fan club."

At the time, Dean had recently retired from teaching high school science and I was managing a dental office. With Dean having some extra time on his hands, we began to think seriously about forming some type of support group to help promote this marvelous band. Finally, in the spring of 1994, we proposed the idea of an organized fan club to Bill. He was flattered, but not quite sure he wanted to commit to something like that. After mulling it over for several weeks, however, he finally gave us an okay to proceed.

Dean and Lois Harvey
BACJB Fan Club co-founders

It was easy to find people who loved the band and their music, and everywhere the band played we picked up more members. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Since we formed the club, well over 1,500 fans have joined, far exceeding our wildest dreams.

The fan club has truly been a labor of love, but one of the most rewarding and worthwhile experiences of my life. Thereís something very, very special about the people who appreciate this band. Many of my closest and dearest friends today have come into my life through the fan club, and I have been richly blessed to have this huge, caring family. Dean felt the same way.

Some of our biggest thrills as the fan club developed came from signing up new members who were musicians themselves. What greater tribute could there be to the quality of "our" band? Another great thrill is to receive a membership application from someone who has only listened to the bandís recordings and never actually heard them in person. That, too, has happened many times.

Unfortunately, failing health (primarily Parkinsonís disease) gradually took Dean from the fan club activities he dearly loved and finally from all of us in June of 2004, not long before he would have celebrated his 73rd birthday. However, with the help of other dedicated members, the fan club is continuing to grow and thrive. If you havenít already joined, please let me hear from you. We would love to welcome you into our unique and wonderful family.


Lois Harvey, President
BACJB Fan Club

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