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Classic Swing Collection

Sample MP3s are in RED
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01. Bugle Call Rag 4:43
02. String Of Pearls 4:38
03. She’s Just My Size 6:58
04. What’s New 3:52
05. I’ve Got The World On A String 3:26
06. Cherokee 5:06
07. The Man With The Horn/Melancholy Rhapsody 4:27
08. Relaxin’ 5:16
09. I’m Shoutin’ Again 4:08
10. Begin The Beguine 4:02
11. The Pink Panther 4:31
12. Harlem Nocturne 2:56
13. Air Mail Special 2:28
14. In The Mood 3:38
15. Satin Doll 3:48
16. Black Coffee 4:07
17. Chattanooga Choo Choo 2:28
18. Them There Eyes 4:01

Bill Allred's Classic Jazz Band
The Classic Swing Collection

After much deliberation and urging from fans, friends (and a certain lead trumpet player I know), here is a collection of some of the swingingest and most requested big band tunes that we have recorded between 1989 and 2002. This is a special collection of our swing stuff, but not all of it. Volume 2 may be necessary to finally cover it all. Please note that all these songs have been digitally re-mastered from the original source tapes, resulting in amazing clarity, definition, and fidelity. To quote Audio Fidelity, the pioneer recording label, "You won't believe your ears."

We present this collection with no deference to our trad roots, or the on-going inspiration we derive from our musical heroes like Matty Matlock (Who posthumously started this band,) Billy Maxted, The World’s Greatest Jazz Band, Red Nichols and his Five Pennies, Bob Crosby's original Bob Cats and all of the other medium-size reading jazz bands. These bands played as much swing as anyone else...often times under the guise of Dixieland.

Over the years, in order to make our band as saleable to as many people and festivals as possible, we have offered a very eclectic mix on each of our CD's. That is why our band has been very hard to categorize. It seems almost impossible that we have recorded so much hard-core swing music, while also doing trad/dixie, vocals, trumpet duos, ballads, piano trios, trombone duos...but we did. As a matter of fact, enough to warrant this CD and perhaps another. But we have had a very good time doing a little bit of everything. A varied program keeps a band fresh, and we have managed to do just that for over 12 years. This collection is for our many swing fans, and hopefully, will be a feast for their ears.

So enjoy this convenient collection of our swing recordings. There will be more swing memories to come and more fresh new arrangements in our future CD's. On the selections you will note we have listed the original CD it was from, allowing you to cross-reference if you desire.

Good Listening,


BILL ALLRED - leader, trombone
JOHN ALLRED - trombone
JAY MUELLER – bass (except 8,13, 16)
LOU MAURO – bass (8,13,16)
AL STEVENS – piano (1,3,4,7,8,10, 12,13,16,18)
BILL HUNTER – piano (6,9,11,14, 15,17)
RANDY MORRIS – piano (2)
JEFF PHILLIPS – piano (5)

Record Label: SunJazz Rrecords
Catalog # CD0065

Produced by Charlie Bertini
A compilation recording from various years

PRICE: $15



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