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Bill Allred's Classic Jazz Band Bios
Bill Hunter

Bill Hunter - Piano
Pianist Dr. Bill Hunter is often seen in the rhythm section of The Classic Jazz Band and hails from San Diego, California. After playing himself through college and dental school, Bill returned to his native San Diego and became one of the busiest pianists on the West Coast. He represents one-half of the two-piano team of the Classic Jazz Band: Bill and Randy Morris.

Bill has performed with the top West Coast jazz groups and was for several years the regular pianist with San Diego's popular South Market Street Jazz. In addition to his jazz inventiveness and rhythm section power, Bill is also in demand for shows and many different types of concert performances. He can be heard on the last three recordings by the Classic Jazz Band. Randy and Bill split the piano chores on the albums, and both can be seen doing feature numbers on the band's new Mammoth Lakes video. When Bill is not playing music or at his busy dental office, he is known to dabble in antique automobiles. A solo recording by Bill Hunter is in the thinking stages...

Members Bios:

Bill Allred leader, trombone John Allred trombone
Charlie Bertini trumpet Bobby Pickwood trumpet
Terry Myers reeds Warren Sauer drums
Jay Mueller bass Bill Hunter piano
Randy Morris piano    


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